Which votes? Thee one that were done in the Dominican...

Garry Destin - December 29 2010, 11:04 AM

Which votes?

Thee one that were done in the Dominican republic?

Don't insult your own people man.
Can you tell America how to vote when to vote and which votes that count?

Sounds like USA 1950's four men one vote. Don't let people come to your country and insult you like.
That is why they can poop in your plate and your living room anytime.

The power is all in your mind.
A great Haiti is all in your mind.
Loving and respect your brother is all in your mind.
Start it with your mind then do it.
Nothing is impossible when it start from the mind. The mancomevto your country and make you feel worthless cause he knows how down you already feel.
So get off your mind that someone can poop in you living room then laugh at you.
Keep it in your mind God loves you more then you think and he want Haiti to be the greatest country in the world.

Eraser it with the mind and literarily kill anyone who tell you you are crazy to think like that.
Israel is the weakest country in the Mid-East but in their mind they are the strongest and it works.

They can fight to save their lives but they are the greatest pilots and it works.

So it is all in the mind baby
And thank you to my brother who helped me to open my mind wider.

He knows who he is. We lag chatted yesterday.

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