Let me read this again: You said, "We spent too much times...

Ronald Altieri - December 28 2010, 1:16 PM

Let me read this again:

You said, "We spent too much times conjugating on our opinions rather than compromise for a conflict of resolution that under lies prevention, intervention, and objectives toward infrastructure."

Well! Let us go to the heart of it:

To compromise for a conflict of resolution - What does that mean?

It literally presents an idea of compromising to the point that there will always be a conflict in trying to resolve the problem at hand. I am certain that is not what you wanted to say, but when an idea is twisted you can not untwist it with words which are twisted themselves in the context of their usage.

Correct me if am wrong!

To further complicate the idea being presented, you suggested that your allegorical premise should by its conflict of resolution be the foundation that undermines "prevention, intervention, and objectives toward infrastructure."

My friend, the structure in place is in fact preventive by its nature of intervening in any objective toward building an infrastructure that is capable of procuring an invincible foudation for institutions that can not be fractured by outside powers in the Haitian society.

As to Mr. Michel Martelly returning to rehabilitation for having been diagnosed with 'Disassociate Disorder'.

Well! I wonder how many wanna-be presidents (all over the world) are suffering from that 'Disorder' without ever being diagnosed and/or rehabilited?

Come to think about it, how many actual past Haitian presidents have suffered from 'Dissaciative Disorder', and other grave 'Disorders' that have never been placed on the spot light?

How many of those now candidates are suffering from 'Dissaciative Disorder' or other terrible social and/or physical diseases?

I also wonder, why do so many like to associate themselves with that which seems to appear disorderly toward the sophisticated establishments of cultures?

Look deep in your mind, internet friend, because it is not with our eyes we see.

This was written with respect to you in the art of communication, and i hope it is received with the good intention it was thought of.

Kimbe la!

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Based on the situation being observed, whether...

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