Dear Majorie can you tell me how long ago haiti have a true...

Vini - December 28 2010, 1:00 AM

Dear Majorie
can you tell me how long ago haiti have a true election.

I will said the same as Michaelle it is not the time for haiti to have this chaos.

Do you think the communaute international will give whomever win the presidency the monney.

This is one of the reason I trullly want Baker to be the president with him we have more chans to get some money from the billions dollars promise.

I wish that you understand the game. All I can advise you since you live in haiti tell the people to do the best that they can to start cleaning after that you done.

I can assure you that nothing going no where.

you heard about what happens to new orleans even insurance company do not want to reemburse for rebuilt a lot of people have to work on their own .I suggest that the haiotian community do the same.

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