Well bill Clinton voted for the Haitian people and decided...

Garry Destin - December 24 2010, 9:24 AM

Well bill Clinton voted for the Haitian people and decided preval should stay. I said it because he went there and told the people that the result will be given on the 20th of December and nothing said ever since.

Preval received $47million for what?

If someone is responsible for the money given to haiti by charity why would he give such a trick of it Preval while people are living under tents, pooping and pissing in the street.

So he come to your country, he votes for you then slap you like bunch of "N".

Sispan'n kite blan derespecte nou nan yon eta parey.

Matelli at the least has a vision but the man come to your country and kicked him right to the side in front of everyone so the UN can still stay there to kill and rape you one by one...alleluia and amen.
People, let me say that: The Great God has not forsaken you. You have turn your back on him with that Christianity crap. The devil put that thick wall between you and God. With money he turns you into wild beasts "each for himself" by remove that muderer Jesus and his image off you heart and start praying God straight up, he will answer you.
That is why he keeps you away from your religion as well because it is also part of the great God. He wants you to kill one another with it in order to keep his crap strong in your Heart and mind.
If christianity is so godly, why do they have to prey on the weak and force it onto people especially in time of crisis?

That means the real devil is Christianity and they are garthering souls for the last day, no doubt about it.
God is real and he is going to get us out of bondage but we have to find ourselves first by removing the devil out of our system and I can prove it.
That is why they can slap you and laugh because they think that God has forsaken you.
So try it. Block the image of the devil off you mind and start praying god rather with voodoo or meditation you'll see miracles will happen.

I have done it and God is real. The devil wants to keep you in bondage and the world at war.
God said once you all reunited and out of bondage there will be peace all over. So it is up to you because one will not be free without all being free.

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