Sergo, i hear you clearly, and i hope that what i am about to...

Capoislamort - December 22 2010, 12:27 PM

Sergo, i hear you clearly, and i hope that what i am about to say in reply is in tune with your statement:

1- The youth will not stand for the vote as it stands from Nov 28.
2- The youth is the future of any society.

3- If the youth is not in harmony with its future, then one can see the alarming implications of that reality.

The youth must make sacrifices for the betterment of their future, and if laws must be changed to that goal then so be it.

Laws are guidelines and they are to be based on morality, spiritualy and harmony.

Justice is based on laws, but laws must be rooted in good moral ethics in benefit of the youth.

If the one that are now in power are saying that all must come through the legal gate in order to enter legitimacy, then let them champion morality.

The point is that as long as those who are supposed to be filtering conflicts in order to avoid chaos are not of good spiritual, moral and impartial character, the future of the youth of the world will always be in danger.

Moving along! Of the votes counted on Nov 28, almost 78% (Jude/Inite got 22+ - governing establishment which has been in power since 1987. A governing establishment which is supposed to teach us the how to enjoy the fruts of Democracy?

What institution has this governing establishment established for the betterment of the country and the youth?

The Haitian youth, in 2010, is at the forefront of teaching the world that Democracy, regardless of what it is or may not be, is based on a person's vote being counted.


Let every person be given a card with a serial #.Let every list at every polling place have this list. Let the conductors and observers check off each name and number as this person makes his/her way to vote. Let the number of votes reflect the number of persons who have walked in to vote.
In other words, if 123 went in let it be that 123 votes were casted.

Let there be a count on live television, final results to be announced after the different counting parties have agreed to final numbers.

Kimbe, la vi'en se konsa'l ye.

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