Wake my people! do you remember what the ambassador from the...

Bernard - December 18 2010, 11:47 PM

Wake my people! do you remember what the ambassador from the dominican republic said in in a speach in haiti last year?

the u.s., france and canada want to unify the island into one nation.

why do you think they are giving all the help to the dominican republic?

we no longer have an army, They made sure of that with aristide, now we cant not even have a bona fide election, dont you see whats going on here, america is building up the dominican army. why?

its time to think.

within ten years we will be occupied by the dominican republic if this keeps up. I believe the ambassador made the comment to test our reaction to this plan. we did not even take it ito consideration.

Wake up my people!aristide was the begining of the complete fall of haiti.

they have no plans to fix haiti until they kill all the poor people of haiti so they can make it a tourist destination.

why do you think after the earthquake, the most important thing was to save the patrimoine of haiti, not its people!they have a plan that we are not aware of! wake up my people!

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