Delaying the announcement for what? By the time Preval is out...

Garry Destin - December 18 2010, 11:05 AM

delaying the announcement for what?

By the time Preval is out of the country and celestin in hang in your throat it will be too late. No stranger should go to Haiti and make decisions for them then tell you to wait.
They take us all for bunch of "N" or kids.
Preval and Celestin are two bad Negros who will sell us in a heart beat to Bill Clinton.

If Bill Clinton respected us that much, chaos or not what ever he had to say, he would say it in public.

He had 20 years to do something positive for us and instead he finished Reagan's legacy "Destroy them Negros at all cost"
So same way we Haitian can't go to an other country and tell them to delay their announcement, we shouldn't accept it either.

There shouldn't be any negotiation with Celestin or Preval in the first place.

Watch the video of Papa Doc with the white journalist, Papa Doc was a man and he didn't care what one would give him, he wouldn't sell his black blood...

Despite all bad he's done, I find him as a man of honor

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I agree with the Papa Doc comment 100%, everything...

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