RE: Michel Mately

Robert - December 16 2010, 10:27 AM

Does Haiti have a future with Matelly i dont think so what is his plan for the country he has never reveal his budjet for the country Mr. Matelly go back to singing please leave the country a breath to live.

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Patricia says...

Wake-up people it's not about fanaticism,but who's the best to take Haiti out of the hole what now. After the people look and look over and over... more »

Patricia says...

The fight it's not only for those who live in Haiti what about us who want to return to our country without fear, who want to show our children... more »

Patricia says...

Before you said anything negative just go read his plan and the other candidates plans also after that you can choose whoever you want too.No matter... more »

Patrick says...

I think you lost your mind fool, who is running now reveal their budget for the country. NOBODY! all i can say he is a better candidate among all of... more »