Hello, I would like to ad-up to your comment if you don't...

Garry Destin - December 15 2010, 10:16 PM

I would like to ad-up to your comment if you don't mind.
The best way to get you fighting is through religions.

I have lived in Europe and never saw one soul got up on a Saturday or Sunday morning heading to a church.

You may know that Christianity plagued Europe worse than black death and that is why they know how powerful of a weapon it is.
I ever saw Missionaries in Europe, never.

Ever heard them turning their speakers loud either.

The only places you see missionaries are small villages in China where people don't have too much of an education but the Chinese government always kick them out.
You find them in in small villages in India telling them to give up their thousands of years tradition and religion.

You find them in many African small villages rising them against their neighboring brothers.

You find them in Haiti playing a very good trick.

Telling them that Catholics are not good but those in Voodoo are worse.

Seventh-days are better than baptists but baptists are better than Pentecosts because Pentecosts are loud.
With that trick, they live you all at war with one an other then they themselves portray you to the outside world as barbarians.

Talking about Africa, I always believed that African countries were that poor until I met some friends from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria etc seeing videos, and pictures plus my friend who William who went to Nigeria From NY and saw that Nigeria is more advance that NYC in many ways.
The same little shots they go in small towns and take in Haiti is the same they do for all African countries.

Remember N. Korea, never heard about it for many years and just suddenly, they are hungry, poor and illiterate etc.
To me, he only way of a chance in Haiti, is to remove them all from there.

and we the diaspora can do a lot more to help our people back there.

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