It doesn't matter where the meeting takes place. No man, no...

Muffi - December 15 2010, 3:09 PM

It doesn't matter where the meeting takes place.

No man, no country will be able to help Haiti as long as haitians people fail to repent from their wicked mentality.

I mean haitian people in general.

We need the hand of the Almighty God to help us. We talk too much nonsense.

Haiti is in the worst shape ever. How come no one suggest crying to God for mercy.

Right now, He is the only one who can help and knows what to do in this dilemma.

I don't blame Clinton for meeting Dominican Republic.

Why should he stay in a crazy place and put himself in danger.

That decision should not even open for debate.

He's protecting himself and others against craze killers in Haiti.

Again, I say haitian people need to put their trust in Jesus.

For men have failed us always.

Why not give God a chance?

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