Brothers and Sisters, I should apologized to those concerned...

Ronald Altieri - December 15 2010, 1:40 PM

Brothers and Sisters,

I should apologized to those concerned and you, as the readers, for overlooking a very important procotol in etiquette, which is the fact that i did not mention in the two articles sent under 'Haiti Cherie and Haiti Cheire' are of my creativity, but instead were copied from ''.

I do not have a great regard fro the art of politics, but i hold dearly the spiritual call of brotherhood.

In that of frame of mind, given the importance of the subject matter, i found that i should overlook certain trivialities in order to serve the crucial message.

I apologized for not mentioning so. I assure you it was an inadvertent oversight.

Well! The one to follow is also from such sight.

Check it out! Epi di'm sa'ou we?

Observers of the National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH) tells us that in most cases, supervisors did their job properly However, some of them have been overtaken by events.

Left to themselves without the cooperation of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), they lacked of any sense of leadership.

Others led campaign for their respective political parties and took part or favored fraud.

The polling stations members and representatives, in general, young violated the Elections Law, clearly exposing their political affiliation and influence voters by asking them to vote openly for their own candidate.

Due to the incompetence of some members of the polling stations, representatives were involved in the counting of the ballots and verification of materials received.

In other polling stations, the members have voluntarily decided to make the counting and verification, in the absence of representatives and observers.

In some regions, representatives of BED, of BEC, center supervisors and members of polling stations, police, judicial and representaives of the territorial collectivities have engaged in a campaign, of intimidation, of violence, of fraud, and ballot boxs stuffing for the platform INITE, including in the communes of Grande Rivi

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Monche mesi pou topic sa ke ou voye banmwen yan.Map...

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