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Ronald Altieri - December 15 2010, 12:47 PM

Haiti Cherie,

The National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH) notes the decision of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to form a Commission of Verification of the Minutes to curb the situation of contestations and the violent demonstrations and protests generated by the publication of Preliminary results of presidential and parliamentary, 28 November 2010.

RNDDH issues its reserves about the mission of the commission for the following reasons:

1.- The formation of this commission with a mandate to check the minutes ar the tabulation center hits the provisions of Article 190 of the Electoral Act which states:

"In cases requiring verification either in the databases of the electoral institution (BED, BEC) either on the ground, the organ of litigation, for pretrial matters, ordered the audits be conducted by a committee of three ( 3) members.

The composition of that committee is the responsibility of the organ.

However, only the BCEN is empowered to order and carry out an audit of the Tabulation Center.

The party or its counsel, if it considers it necessary, may attend the verification process and provide relevant information".

2.- This commission will not confirm or deny the preliminary results published by the CEP. What will be far from solving the problem arose from the general organization of the elections on 28 November and the publication of results.

For example the issue of management of sensitive materials by CEP deserves an answer and does not seem to be part of the mandate of this commission.

It was found well before election day that at Thomassique and Ouanaminthe, that lots of ballots were in possession of some people.

CIs this problem born in the management made by the institution made responsible for printing ballots, by the CEP or by the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (Minustah)?

That is a question that a commission charged simply to verify the minutes could not respond.

The Committee that the CEP decides to form will not be able to identify the problem in all its sharpness.

3.- What institution will be legally responsible to assess the report of this commission?

The CEP already maligned, does not inspire trust anyone to play the role of body called upon to decide on the report of such commission.

4.- Logically, the vote operations should have been resumptions in some parts of the country where they were stopped well before the publication of preliminary results.

However, the CEP released the results for all constituency of the Republic.

In addition, the results published by the CEP are likely to reward those involved in full view of everyone in serious acts of electoral violence on polling day. Indeed, the CEP has validated the elections in constituencies where more than half of the voting centers were vandalized.

For example:

For the constituency of Saint-Marc, candidates, with the complicity of the BEC, have picked up here and there ballots from four (4) of the twenty-four (24) voting centers - (4 / 24) installed in this commune.

The CEP has recorded these ballots and announced the results.

Former deputy Levaillant LOUIS-JEUNE, candidate at his succession for the constituency of Desdunes, under the banner of the presidential platform INITE, maintained a climate of violence in the town and causing the premature termination of voting in this constituency.

It is declared elected in the first round, with 83% of the vote.

For the city of Jacmel, nine (9) of the thirty-eight (38) polling stations have been counted by the CEP. The published results for one of these offices are presented so that the number of votes allotted to the candidates corresponds to their registration number in the CEP. In addition, in la Montagne, thirteenth (13th) communal section of Jacmel, no polling station is recorded.

Yet, the results were announced for both the deputation and the Senate.

Former deputy Donald DORSAINVIL, candidate at his succession for the constituency of Trou du Nord - Caracol, under the banner of the presidential platform INITE, at the head of a commando of armed composed among others of Iph

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if this is true? Neg sa yo tap merite anpil prizon...

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