We will not eliminate french, but it will be a second language...

Toulimen - December 14 2010, 9:46 PM

We will not eliminate french, but it will be a second language and not an official language in Haiti.

We should write a bilingual law by quota like they have done in France, Canada, U.S. and Russia to name a few. Wherever in our municipalities that we have 40% to 50% of a language speaker, this municipality should have bilingual schools and both languages should be official languages of such a municipality.

For instance, if in Petionville you have 60% of French speakers and %40 Creole speakers, both languages are the official languages of Petionville alone and they should communicate and advertize in both languages.

It should be done everywhere in the country after we have conducted our own census.

We cannot eliminate French in Haiti and it will be used as a co-language through a bilingual program as a foreign language to Haiti.

In our schools, we should have a department of foreign languages with French, Spanish, English and other African languages.

To graduate from our High Schools, all Haitians should earn 6 credits foreign languages in choosing either french and spanish or spanish and english and so on. We should imitate other advanced countries with a national curriculum and believe me we can be respected again.

Creole is a beautiful language and I dearly love it. I helped writing its grammar and its dictionary in Haiti after the departure of Jean-Claude Duvalier and I would love this beautiful language to be taught to all Haitians with no exception at all. May peace be upon you!

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