I do respect your opinion, but Sarah Palin is not the kind of...

Marie Marthe - December 14 2010, 5:33 PM

I do respect your opinion, but Sarah Palin is not the kind of support that Haitians need to promote their cause.

If you are a member of the conservative elites of Haiti like Sarah Palin is in America, you will love her to death like those corrupted elites in Haiti.

Conservatives like brainwashed media and religion too, but they will nothing to alleviate Haitian poverty in Haiti.

Liberals in America will give us a Haitian society filled with gays and lesbians through altered chromosomes and transfered of male traits to females and vice versa.

We need to be ourselves to develop our own and unique country.

Conservatives in America know how to repeat history with Pearl Harbor to September 11's events.

They are criminals and they are responsible for Hiroshimah's deaths as well as Pearl Harbor, Kenedy, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Malcom X and September 11. We do not need those people in Haiti to dictate us morale although they are supported by the Haitian bourgeoisie.

We need to be ourselves, Haitians to repeat Dr. Price Mars and Brandt as well. Obama with two masters and two doctorate degrees will be replaced by Sarah Palin the holder of three associate degrees for the Republicans in the days ahead.

You will see the 2012 elections will be very contested and it will take America three months to settle it down according to the Nostradamus' predictions...We do not want Palin and only a conservative mulatto woman like you is proud of her. Good luck and good job with your Palin, but you know something leave Haiti alone and no Palin there.

Her visit is to send a strong to Obama in order to test his blackness versus whiteness.

It is politic and that's what you need to understand despite your sincere appreciation for her. Good Luck and Haiti do not want Sarah

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