At Toulimen: I don't think you got my message. I thought I was...

Marjory Middy - December 14 2010, 5:18 PM

at Toulimen: I don't think you got my message.

I thought I was loud and clear.

There is no movement toward Africa.

We are Africans by culture, language and religion.

Did not you get it?

There is nothing to elaborate on. If the Africans want to help Haitians in terms of economic development, so be it. We should welcome the idea with open arms. Who might those saviors be?

and how they will help us develop Haiti?

Yes, I am for anyone or anything that is in Haiti's favor.

Haiti is what counts for me.
Chirac can say whatever he wants, but he can't change history.

It is a historical fact that France colonized Haiti up to 1804. It does not matter what they say, they are wrong! and we KNOW IT.
You see, Toulimen, Nobody can humiliate me because I won"t let anyone spits garbage on me.
Why exactly that we have to be so preoccupy with France and their stupid ideology?

We don't belong to France anymore and we could not care less what France is up to.
As far that I am concerned, I could not care less what Africa is up to either, unless they are ready to help Haiti with a concrete program in hand.
By the the way, what I have said is that Creole can be the primary language but a co-language like French, since we all ready have it would be fine.
Yes, you are right on this one the Mulattoes were the truly original Haitians since nobody like them was created before the colonization.

BUT, Africans born on Saint Domingue too were the true Haitians.

Peace out

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