Please Mr. Leahy re-inforce your idea for them to finally...

Mwen Bouke - December 14 2010, 5:17 PM

Please Mr. Leahy re-inforce your idea for them
to finally realize this is not a game as Haiti needs a leader to be choosen by het own people and that should be respected..

As per Mrs Clinton mention last night in Quebec quote'' the haitian gorvernment must do more a key is U.S. Senator call for the freezing of U.S Visa and freezing of U.S Aid.

That Should send a very strong signal to the gorverment of the country...

If the U.S stop the aid as well then poor those people that still doesnt have a place to leave and if Preval let them cancel the aid he once again deceiving The haitian nation.

I think the way things are going now it does not look good at all for them.

Born in the 1980 I've know better then war and chaos in my country nothing never been good politically
At least once and for all lets not think about ournpockets but those children thats i've seen more then me. This needs to stop this corruption and nightmare need to be over.

Mwen renmen peyi'm anpil yon bel peyi konsa

paske plin dyaspora competan avek esperyans ki vle retounin nan yon peyi pa gen lage ki gen respe.

Pep ayisyen merite plis ke sa.
Inosan sa yo merite plis ke sa Preval ak tout Jude Celestin w

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