Haiti can have a partial bilingual like in America. If a...

Toulimen - December 14 2010, 4:07 PM

Haiti can have a partial bilingual like in America.

If a community in Haiti has 51% of its residents speaking French, there you can have a bilingual program in place and both languages will be recognized as official languages of that community in Haiti.

And it should be vice versa for the Creole too. However, Creole should be the only official language for Haiti and Haiti is not a French country as former President Chirac stated it in Martinique and Guadeloupe.

In these two countries, the Beques (Mulattoes there) use the Haitian word to threaten all citizens there that want these two countries to become independent.

Haitian is a derogatory word in these two countries to insult someone.

Chirac said that Haiti was not colonized by France and we had no french monuments or french castles in Haiti to prove that as they had it other Caribbean countries.

He believes that the Dominican Republican was colonized by French with its rate of 37% of Dominican residents speaking French and not Haiti with its weak rate of 15%.

He is right and I welcome his ideas and beliefs as well. He said that Haiti is not a french country nor a former colony of France; therefore, french should not be one of the two official languages of Haiti.

Chirac said the exclusion of Haiti from the French Association Countries is a strong message to all other french countries that have 70% to 80% french speakers to do more to fill their educational gap.

They raised it from 51% as it was in the 1900s to 70% now and Haiti with its rate of 15% of french speakers will never achieve such a goal. In the 1900s, a country needs only to have 51% of its residents to speak french to be considered a French country and now it is 70% to obtain such a status ranking.

We are not a french country and this is an opportunity for all of us to be together to promote our beautiful and unique language that is Creole to promote the Haitian causes and its fredomm as well. We do not need to have English, Spanish or French as official languages in Haiti and we only need to promote Creole to develop Haiti as well as reducing its illiteracy rate.

Creole should be the only official language of Haiti and it will be in the days ahead ok. Be proud of being Haitian and not a lost french citizen or American in Haiti ok.

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