Hello mrs manigan I did some reseach on you and I think you...

Tpouchon. - December 13 2010, 9:21 PM

Hello mrs manigan I did some reseach on you and I think you are very qualify to be mrs president of Haiti but I must I'm a sweet micky fan for change and who can blame me I was born in 79 I left home and 93.I don't listen to much Haitian music but i'm Haitian in my heart spirit n soul. For 206years our people been slave to the (system) it's time for the haintian people to be free free there with knowledge and the tools needed to help themself rebuild a beautiful Haiti we are very smart people quick to learn anything had workers for peanis on the dollar it's time for a change with the right unity we can all prophet some many of us across the world just waitin for change n peace n haiti to return home and inverst n help modenize our lil paradis we can ask most Haitian over seas they all love there homeland our fo fathers die freein themeself from the understood what slavery meant.

We most free there mind and educate our people so
we can see a better haiti Goodluck.

Pouchon hnic I have lot to teach my people so does all Haitians around the world we are all tools.and the teachers they need please peace peace peace

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