You people are lost and hope that you do find your way and...

Marjorie Middy - December 13 2010, 7:21 PM

You people are lost and hope that you do find your way and whatever else you are looking for.

No one can deny that Haiti has to evolve through African lenses.

As a matter of fact, Haiti is and has been developed with mostly African cultures, languages and intellect...

Hell, Haiti as some point is even more African than some part of black Africa...

Where the hell you people have been?

Modern Africa has changed a great deal. Haiti is a remnant of the old style Africa.

It is just fine to look to Africa to understand Haiti's culture and language, that goes without saying.

The point that I was making that got lost in TRANSLATION was that Haiti as a country has its own culture and language structure INDEPENDENT of Europe, Africa and even the Indians who were occupying Haiti before colonization.

Haiti can stand on its own and must stand on its own so that it can mature all by itself.

Whether you understand it or not your wanting to make Haitian (Creole) the official language is part of that process...Haiti is still looking for an identity.

Haiti will become of age when Haitians can say they are Haitians, just pure and simple.

Not a remnant of Europe, not a remnant of Africa; but a Country all by itself, THAT STANDS by itself with its own PARTICULARS.

I remember one thing: When my ancestors were leaving Africa not by their own free will, I did not see any head of states stopped the European merchants from taking my people into slavery.

Did the Africans send by for my ancestors?

No. Why is this big hypocrisy, now?

Where were the Africans when my ancestors were being beaten, raped and killed by the European merchants?

hhmmm, all of the sudden I have to develop that long lost love for them?

I don't think so.
I do know one thing, when I ask both my European and African friends about slavery and how it has effected their lives, their answers to me was always a candid: No and Why would it affect us?

Folks, Haiti and slavery were not even part of school textbooks.

Both Europe and Africa ignored slavery -- A very central part of Haitian history and being.

Do I recognize Africa as family?

Do I keep grudges: Yes.
Do I forgive: No.
Do I forget: No.
Yo all do whatever you want to do. I just hope the foundation upon which you are building your castle is strong enough to support your dreams.

P.S. Do you truly believe this is the first time that issue (Creole as a primary language of Haiti) was raised.?

Do advanced research before you get on your high horse.

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