I think that Haiti is a country like any other country in the...

Louis - December 13 2010, 5:42 PM

I think that Haiti is a country like any other country in the world.

Haiti has its laws that need to be respected.

I think Michel Martelly doesn't have any right to hire a foreign to be his campagn manager if that citizen doens't have proper paperwork to do so. I believed that a US citizen will never hire a foreign without proper paperwork.

Before accepting a job in the US you need to get a work autorisation from immigration.

I am wondering if Micky campaign manager has any form of document from the government before accepting this job?

I think that the government has the power to remove him from the country if he accepts employement in this country without proper document autorize him to work.

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I agree with you 200% Parceque Mr Preval vous n'avez...

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