How stupid this man is. Mr Preval does this mean if I am...

Martine Cill - December 13 2010, 2:11 PM

how stupid this man is. Mr Preval does this mean if I am international Doctor I can't serve in haiti if someone study abroad or have a different nationality can this person allow to serve in the country ?in that case the man is excercising his profession, was hired to do a job not hiring by the haitian govermentto interfere in haitian affairs Mr Mattelly is a haitian citizen who engage in politic his desire was to choose someone out side the country to manage his campaign please tell me what is wrong with that send me the constitution of the law that proven that a person with a different nationality can not serve a private citizen at its affairs( not goverment)but private.

again Mr Sola congradulation for doing a great job.your knowledge has been repected as all of us have seen you went to school to learn in your education show's your capacity.

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