Wowww! If this is true, are they trying to tell Mr. & Mrs...

Ronald Altieri - December 12 2010, 1:56 PM


If this is true, are they trying to tell Mr. & Mrs. Clinton, Senator Ptrick Leahy and the US Embassy to mind their their business.

What about all those Cubans doctors?

Or, could this that they are sending a signal to the Nepalese Camp, OAS, CARICOM and MINUSTAH that they want them out of the country ASAP.

And what about all the millions donated by non-haitian origins to the Haitian government for our people, because they cared passionately for our situation.

On a lighter note, Brazil was the #1 Football team in world when the last World Cup started, and Spain was #2. Spain won World Cup Trophy against Holland, who victored against Brazil.

The powerful German Team, who was beaten by Spain in the World Cup, acknowledged the brilliance of the Spanish short, accurate, crispy and spining passes of the Spanish team. Spain had earlier beaten Germany in the European final in the same fashion.

Antonio Sola, if i am correct, helped to orchestrate; helped to propel the candidacy of Mexixan President Felipe Calderon to its almost surprised vitory.

Could it be that they are afraid of his short, accurate, crispy and spining passes of Michel Martelly?

If that is not the case, then 'Repons Payizan'is faking a beatiful pass in the square; let's watch and see what the goal keeper and the CEP defenders will do...

How brilliant and beautiful.

Enjoy the game!

Can you see?

Toujours En Christ,
Ronald Altieri

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