Sisters and Brothers, Is not it wonderful that we have a...

Ronald Altieri - December 12 2010, 9:01 AM

Sisters and Brothers,

Is not it wonderful that we have a dignitary from the US government sophisticated high-profile-circle visiting our lovely little motherland.

The exciting buzz is that Senator Joseph Lambert will be escorting her - as a distinguished member of her entourage - to show her how clean the streets are, as a result of his sanitary initiative to clean up of Haiti after the earthquake.

Moreover, his secret society will be revealing the formula that was used to 'diplomatically engineer' the results of the elections in order to satisfy the international community; in their compassionate concerns of having stability in Haiti.

Furthermore, his colleagues and elite members of his fraternity will be showing the stockpiles of the cholera oral vaccine Dukoral.

Not to mention antibiotics like Doxycline, Tetracycline that the government has been distributing to the women and children, in anticipation of the Christmas and New Year celebration.

But there is one better, Lambert will be showing off his bank account in order to prove to her that he has more money than she does.

May be their meeting will take a philosophical turn, and she will ask,
"Do you think the best way to turn off a fire is pour gas on it?

Well! Guess what the answer will be?

I'll tell you, so you will not have to burden yourself with envisioning it. He will probably say,
"Sum gazs giv Kolera in da stumac, bot sume gzs giv diarea in their brains, and brain diarea can turn off all fires

There is a Senator Lambert in all of us, we must use faithful prayer to flush it properly.

Can you see?

Always In Christ,
Ronald Altieri

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