Tafia, te gin gildiv lakay mwen an Ayiti. Mwen pa janm oue...

Marise Leon - December 11 2010, 1:19 PM

Tafia, te gin gildiv lakay mwen an Ayiti.

Mwen pa janm oue moune sou pale byen konsa.

Ban dezod, craze peyi ya epi na mande blanc pou yo rebati li ba nou, bann SANS HONTE.

Se pou Jude te di moune yo craze brize pou mesaj nou ka pase. A nation has to be guided to the right path. A real leader does not resign and let his people do whatever they wanted with the infrastructures.

Maintenant le monde dit tous les jours " AVEC LES HAITIENS C'EST DEJA VU".

Every year most of the Haitian bands have to make the detour now and we never make it to the Review Stand because of bad behaviors.

No matter what, HAITI WILL CHANGE because I had the dream on December 31, 2009 at 11:30 P.M. while waiting for the New Year 2010 (DORMI TE VOLE'M).

Believe me it is as clear as a CRYSTAL BOWL.

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Tout se pawol tafia, Oke. m-ale.

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