That is a big shame for these leaders to plot violence against...

Max Mills - December 10 2010, 5:33 PM

That is a big shame for these leaders to plot violence against these poor people to achieve their goals.

By any means they want to shed blood on the streets to get the power.Its totally wrong to point fingers.

Michel Martelly and Jude Celestin will not give up without a fight and meanwhile innocent is dying .Why do people have to believe this crappy bulletin from Martelly's camp. The same people who are trying to pass that communique can or could be the same people who are making the confusion.

So they come out first to point fingers on the other side just for the people to have compassion for them. That is what i called a double edge sword .They are peeling your skin and blow on it after.Make no mistake M. Martelly has enough money to mobilize CITE SOLEIL on his favor .At that stage the Haitian reach a limit now they will take anything from anyone who comes.

No matter if it is Manigat, Celestin, Martelly all will give a fight to grasp that power which is at the tip of their fingers.

My point is no one should come out and make such propaganda to frightening the people.

Everybody needs to be patient .They need to call for calm just for the sake of lives and firstly for democracy.They are promoting democracy at the same time they are showing the world how primitive we are.They all are not helping and educating the people to change courseThey just see themselves alone.None of them cannot be my president.

(se mwen ki di'l)

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