They have to annulled the process and start a new election...

Marleine - December 9 2010, 3:34 PM

They have to annulled the process and start a new election having to recount the 3 candidated its just a wast of time. It shows clearly the voice of the people have not being hurd at since November 28th. Si group INITE gentan fi. fe magouy yo nan poll yo koman yap fe identifye sak te bon ak sak pa bon.
If this is the way that Jude wants to win then it unfair and very direspectfull towards haitian.

Such leader should not leading a country..

And he really thinks people going to take this crap..

Preval and him should leave haiti asap shame on them

Bunch of ignorant Cause of the
there action might lead to civil war haiti

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