RE: Cep Haiti 2010

Gauthier Saintilus - December 8 2010, 9:04 PM

Dear cocitizens, greetings! Peace is with you all!

Why are you so hard headed?

Our country is falling apart!Where are the roots of Toussaint Louverture?

Now, it is the time to use our heroism to save our country!

We need an inspired Leader from above to put an end from our political struggles.

Enough is enough! We can not take it any more! I urge all Haitians, regardless your religious belief, to pray faithfully so that the Lord would open your eyes to see His glory on behalf of Haiti! Haitians are reluctant to understand that only God could deliver us from bondage!

I encourage you to read my comments on Haiti.

Just click on and on the SEARCH window, type gauthiersaintilus at, or gauthiersaintilus210 at; and then click search or press Enter on your computer.

The final words are these,"No human organizations could solve Haiti's problems, but only Jehovah!" Do not put your trust in ordidinary men! I want you to believe that " He who creates the universe makes the rules and overrules!" I am the anointed Leader choosen by God Almighty to free at last Haiti.

Nobody else. God leads and bless Haiti! Send me feedback! Thank you.

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