This is the kind of stuff that make me sick to my stomach...

Cj - December 8 2010, 8:57 PM

This is the kind of stuff that make me sick to my stomach.

Sweet Micky AKA Michel Martelly Joseph did exactly the kind of talk that fuels a flaming fire. If he was a true Lover/patriotic of the land of Haiti and care for its people, he should have straight talk with the people to stop this burning tires, rioting/stealing from the those who worked hard for what they have. He is playing the thug style game, which makes him look dumb and stupid in the eyes of the world.

If he really knows/believes that "the mass of the people" want him to the leader of the country, and the International eyes watching this foolishness he's making of himself, does he think they going to back him up?

We need peaceful march, not coming out in mass to kill one another, our people know nothing about peace.

So very sad once again for my country

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