Preval should remember how haitians had protest in 2006 for...

Richelle - December 7 2010, 12:18 PM

Preval should remember how haitians had protest in 2006 for him to put him in power.But 2010,since his bank account is full with haitian monney he dnt give a shit now. one thing to my haitian people be courageous.all of us will not die. therefore all of us who live outside Haiti.

We need to stay in school love ourselves, one day one of us will stand for our home in good way.We should think about this. because here in america even in college.Some intructor as well class-mate sometime act ingnorant towards us. becaus we hatian, we all should think about going to school for big thing.not only nurse.dont get me wrong i like nurses.some of us need to go for civil rights attorney, I am thinking about this now. these so-called haitian politians will be call for what the did to the haitian people in a court of law.We smart, we are not stupid only thing we nneed as haitian is get each other as spansh does, here in U S. Haiti will have a bright day once again, Haiti we call beautiful land again.Some stupid american think haitian not capable of doing good, because haiti on T V all the times in negative ways. We need to get to together to change that.God bless the haitian people, hope these so-called international do good in this election outcome for the first time.

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