Za fe yo! This is an empty threat. We have not received the...

Dowoti Desir - December 6 2010, 11:33 PM

Za fe yo! This is an empty threat.

We have not received the promised international aid to date. And probably never will unless we take legal action declaring breech of contract, negligence and whatever else we can in an international court.

Who authorized Mulet to say such a thing?

This is beginning to sound like a crime against humanity -- cultural genocide.

We have been sanctioned for years and they have occupied us militarily for decades - ki mele nou?!!?

Don't forget, "Nou led men nou la!" We shall manage with out the so-called international community and their "aid".

Additionally there is too much, too much money to be made off of Haiti from both the private sector and various governments to give this supposed threat any credibility! This is one more reason the global Haitian community must mobilize itself, demand dual citizenship, secure the right to vote and representation.

Imagine all those NGO's without jobs to provide their nationals and millions of dollars to support them. Those funds almost never made it to the hands of the Haitian people anyway.

Wherever we are, we must write our legislators especially our congress and parliamentary officials of African descent, Latinos and other people-of-color.

I am tempted to say "Today it is us. Tomorrow it will be them" Only problem is every day it is us. Remand reparations - this is slavery by another name.

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