Mr.Chavannes Jeune is the right man for this position, believe...

Brisma Chatelier - December 6 2010, 6:43 PM

Mr.Chavannes Jeune is the right man for this position, believe me when i tell you. I know him really well, and not only him, but also some of his family.

Pastor Chavannes and i were working for the same institution in Haiti back in the 80s and we were working for the french government called at that time " Institut Haitiano franco haitien", and became later Institut pedagogie nationale.

At that time he was in school to become an engeneer which he is right now.

His father attended the same Bible school as my father at Cite lumiere aux Cayes.

When Chavennes graduated as an engeneer, i was promoted to his position.

He is a very good pastor, a true man of God.A man of heart, and solid at the same time .A man i know that will stend for the safety and for the right of his people.

So you cannot go wrong with a true man of God ! Being a man of God does not mean that you can run a country as the president if you don't know anything about politics.

Well, he is also a politician.

Some people said a man of God don't suppose to get involve in politics, but my Bible tells me that David was a man of God and he became King. Samuel was also a man of god and he was according to my french Bible King James version a ( Sacrificateur and he became a Juge .In order for someone to become a King or a Juge, you have to be a politician ok my beautiful people !So read your Bible christians.

Therefore to me, Pastor Chavannes is the right one for a country like Haiti.

That was Brisma speaking.

If you want your country to go forward, Vote for Pastor Chavannes Jeunnes because you won't go wrong.

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