RE: Michel Martelly President Candidate Of Haiti

Patricia - December 6 2010, 5:40 PM

All the Haitians living in USA need to mobilize to elect Michel Martelly as our next president.

It is about time things change in Haiti, I encourage all the Haitian Americans youth to donate their times and money in Martelly campaign; because Haiti is your heritage also for one day you won't be a shame of your legacy anymore inset every year you will take your friends to go visit that beautiful country.

I hope everyone who reads that message will be touch and decide to fight for Haiti.

Thank you!

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Guy Comeau says...

Excuse me, Why do we have to support Michel Martelly again? Have not you follow the news lately? Michel Martelly is involved with Preval. Martelly... more »

Justin Mondesir says...

This is stupid, you don't want Martelly as your next president. Martelly is crooked and owned by Preval. Check and re-check your facts BEFORE you... more »

Patricia says...

Many people are commited acts of vandalism, it's time to fight the spirit of destructions.The person who reply to my comments by using the word... more »