About Martelly for president

Nixon Lafond - December 6 2010, 10:32 AM

I think that the idea to have SWEET MICKY for president is not bad at all.He
must be a musician but not a politician at all.I used to like his songs until the day he started to wear skirts and tanga to disrespect himself, his family,
his fans, his country, the other haitian artists all over the world.

Micky is a product of his own environment not really suitable for president.He
deserves may be to be president of the HAITIAN COMPAS.

We still love our musician but as a human beeing, not just to be a leader of such a country devasted by the earthquake and many other corrupted leaders.

Believe it or not, we need a leader now that can represent us proudly .After all, the haitian people whatever you may think deserves better than that.
Let this woman Mrs Manigat be our president, for the beauty of the democratic the game.Please!

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Amonnon Louis says...

Keep it up bro. it is a good comment, your statement is powerful, if Haitian copy it they gonna know how to planning for Haiti's future. Remember my... more »

Nixon Lafond says...

Hello there, Thanks a lot for your comments.It's time haitian starts thinking about the future of their wonderful contry.Let's back up good... more »