RE: Haiti Election 2011

Gerald - December 5 2010, 10:01 AM

I nominate Presidential candidate Garaudy Laguerre to be declare the official winner for the 2011 election and I nominate him base on the current state of the election to decree a presidential order instituting Garaudy Laguerre as the official winner to the presidency in Haiti.

He is the best hope for Haiti because all the others candidate are incapable of governing Haiti due to their sometime shady pass which makes them less than desirable leaders and their integrity leaves a lot to be desire.

This could be the best potential leaders for Haiti but have been greatly overlook by the Haitian people mainly because of lack of funding.

The great one are always the most overlook while the corrupt one are the one with all the money and political influential.

Haiti deserves a complete revolution if Haiti is to survive as a nation by a complete revolution I mean getting rid of all incumbent and starting over. This guy will bring the necessary change Haiti need.

What it will take to be a Haitian leader?

Define the role of a manager as a leader of people

Recognize and adapt to different motivational needs

Describe how to use influencing and persuading skills and be a good leader

Leverage emotional intelligence: identify, predict and use to drive change

Know when to listen, question and recommend in the role of a manager leader

Know how to craft and communicate a future focus to excite and compel the group to action

Apply various leadership skills based on the situation to be a good leader

Apply the trust equation of a good leader: credibility + reliability + intimacy / self-promotion

Establish a psychological safety net so Associates will take the "risk' of change

Craft strategies to overcome resistance to change

Empower others to lead when appropriate

Recognize that to be a good leader the role of the manager must be a good follower

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