You guys DO understand that NO good government can come out of...

Guy Comeau - December 4 2010, 4:18 PM

You guys DO understand that NO good government can come out of an illegitimately elected president right?

No good president would accept a presidency that was NOT fairly won.
Accepting a fraudulent president will only raises the risk of political bloodbath and turmoil.

This kind of presidency can only KILL the reconstruction of the Country.

Haiti is in a dire and immediate need of health care, notably for this cholera that is looming large on Haiti's coasts.

We NEED a president with exceptional integrity who can say NO, when appropriate to the international community.

We need a leader with skills and vision to build necessary institutions in order to promote economic growth.

Folks, there is NO margin for errors here. We are at a very critical point.

We are not only electing a president, we are also voting for an EMERGENCY LEADER...!!!Someone with radical thinking skills and behavior to solve badly in peril traditional problems.

We can't afford to think the very same old way. We have got to adjust to new ideas and new vision if we truly want to save Haiti.

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Hello Martine. I totally agree with you we have to...

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Right to the point. If I may say, you nailed it...

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