Hello Martine. I totally agree with you we have to find our...

Garry Destin - December 4 2010, 11:58 AM

Hello Martine.

I totally agree with you we have to find our differences and turn them into positive.

We have a group of people who are there just for tribal warfare.

I was reading something last week about the chaos in Haiti and why. you can find it if you type evangelicals and Haiti's chaos.

During Papa Doc there was some sort of a supervision over who comes and go in Haiti although there were problems but not as much.
In the 80's Ronald Reagan spent billions of dollars in destroying Haiti with evangelicals missionaries by funding them in opening churches in every corner.

Catholicism couldn't destroy the people so they had to join them which was an insult to Ronald Reagan.

With his funding, people started dying of aids same as in south Africa and Lebanon.

Qaddafi caught them himself and they were in the death row France paid for their rescue.

In South Africa and Haiti the Aids damage already made a big impact then the same evangelical accused Haitian and Black south Africans of having irresponsible sex. Not to forget They gave Israel nuclear Arsenals to distribute to the White South Africans and White Zimbabweans.

When Nelson Mandela became president, he could have dropped one it on either one of them but he forgave them he said "they don't know what they are doing" which in response the White South Africans said that Mandela is stupid cause they would have dropped it on Israel and the White side of South Africa.

So that is a great difference between us and them. I don't mean it in a racial way but spiritually.

Tribal Warfare where do the young Haitians get the guns?

Before that it was from baby doc, then Namphy, then Aristid and now Preval.

Why would they arm people to harm them?

it makes no sense.

The same in Sudan where do these young kids find these guns?

Why not the same in Europe or any white controlled countries such as most part of south america?

They tried it in China and the Chinese caught them in time.
Why not Cuba?

Cause Castro won't accept missionaries and moreover the embargo against Cuba was only from the USA. The whole Europe was standing with them in every step of the way. Cuba wasn't isolated at all.
The only way to move forward is to remove all these evil blood suckers out of the country.

If they go there, they have nothing to do with general population.

They have poisoned many Haitian preacher into hating themselves by accepting the bull-S which pass through out the mass like a snake in the grass.

You have to love and accept yourself and your brothers before you can accept God, that to me. Money and food shouldn't turn you into an atomic bomb against your own people.

Makes no sense.

They wont accept you to even live in their neighborhood but they feel they have the full right in your country to do what ever they fell like as long as they can pay their way out.
We as a people have to learn how to draw a line no matter the consequence.

And, that goes for the UN as well...Get the f..

out of the country.

UN should be there to protect a small country against a big. Which they haven't done either.

Why don't they protect Palestine, Sudan, Cuba, Panama, the Black south Africa, Zimbabwe, Tibet, and many other countries.

They are just there to protect rich occupiers.

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