It is too bad the the group 12 did not keep the momentum. This...

Mena Moreau - December 4 2010, 11:23 AM

It is too bad the the group 12 did not keep the momentum.

This is basically the first time that candidates came together for a common good. While it lasted, it was beautiful to watch.

Manigat was doing O.K. for awhile.

She could very well be elected one; that is, if we accept the November 28th elections.

Baker on the other hand, organized, file necessary papers, performed administrative and leadership tasks to keep the group afloat.

If this were an aptitude test, Baker would have passed it with flying color.

Unless a systemic gross error occurred with Baker's votes within all the departments...

Baker is undoubtedly the best of the bunch.

But will he become president?

Ceant is fine, but he is part of the old regime.

Laguerre would make a good president 15 years from now. He needs to broaden his horizons and put a couple of more feathers on his cap.
Josette Bijoux stood firm with the group, but I don't believe she has any chance of winning.

The Haitian masses control the votes, they decide who becomes president.

Unfortunately the masses need to be educated on necessary tools for picking up good leaders.

Haitians are still voting on a popularity contest.

This mode of voting was suited for the old regime, not for the democratically new one that we are trying to establish.

The middle and upper classes should develop workshops to teach generic leadership style recognition to the masses.

We have got to be hands on so that everybody can be on the same page. We need to move on.
We need to pick-up the pieces, need to clean-up the country.

We need to educate people on preventative measure of cholera on a grand scale.

These are issues we can tackle without an infrastructure.


Ceant, Laguerre or Baker

To me, based on morality and the interest of Haitians these are the only three descent people letf in the race. Switch...

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