First and foremost, this is the dumbest constitutional law...

Tiba - December 4 2010, 7:56 AM

first and foremost, this is the dumbest constitutional law that I have ever heard of. How can a law as such be enforced in a country like Haiti?

Who would enforce such a law?

Furthermore, don't Haitians always make reference to democracy?

If people/citizens cannot have their right to assemble/protest as they see fit, is that democracy?

How could there be a time to protest and a time NOT to protest.

So-called Haitian politicians are not just the only disgraceful authors of Haiti's disguting image in the world, but the Haitian constipation, oops! I meant "costitution" is also a big contributor to Haiti as the laughing stock of the world as well.

Foreigners would read that stupid law and laugh their tails off.

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