Ceant, Laguerre or Baker

Martin - December 4 2010, 7:20 AM

To me, based on morality and the interest of Haitians these are the only three descent people letf in the race.
Switch Mickey and Mirlande Maniget are gone, jacques Edourd has too much anger and resentfulnes.

While a Baker presidence is unlikely, he seems a nice guy. Jean Henry seems to have some of the following of Aristide and could maybe have the support of the population.

Garaudy Laguerre is good, simple in his language but sophisticate in his outlook and vision.

I doubt Haiti is ready for him, he would be a successful politician in the States.

I see him a I prime minister, not sure he is ready to do the dirty deals to become president.

Cean knows and have worked with or for all the big shots in Haiti.

Cean might be the one.

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