MR saintilus bravo for you my brother Let them Know that the...

Martine Civil - December 4 2010, 2:05 AM

MR saintilus bravo for you my brother Let them Know that the ruler is jehovah not the international party that is why I say in my comment that who care's if they live if they where there to help we could have seen already the difference.

so personally the international was never a friend of haiti, blood sucker who pretend to be a help for a nation, what a shame?to even bother to talk about this dilema.

Sir I complimented you to your comment again thumb up! already america is facing a deep concern on how the world is turning around for not to say against it, because god create this part of this nation to help the needy and the poor but so far they choose to do otherwise.

America today has big issue in wish they can not even solve there own malignant, look how God has punish the super power for not doing what they were suppose to do as the creator proclame them to be so heaven is listening.

fidel survive all these years so why not we?( a phrase to think of)

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Hello Mr. Edmond Mulet, I appreciated your comment...

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I read your comment it's nice,but there is one thing...

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