Of coarse yes Mr Mulet know's no better we haitians we are...

Martine Civil - December 4 2010, 1:28 AM

of coarse yes Mr Mulet know's no better we haitians we are used to it what ever nature bring to us we accept.

I don't think it is now to treat us of our choices in decission.

who care if the international leaves haiti! haiti will be in civil war we have been neglected so long by the international people that living us right Now don't scare us any more, maybe they feel sorry for what they have done to us how the cia trick in plot there senario in our affairs, now they see no way to oppologize to a small vulnerable nation a nation who has no defense to respond of there need"s Now come with treat to withdraw this thing does not make any sense it it more complicated then we may seen it. be aware of the spider, there is a conspiracy study to this election domestic or international are not fiable or feasable.they want to leave let it be, but be prepare for the next round as a big nation (the world leader)whom has the power in the central intelligent their words are warning so Haiti let's pray for the almighty to intervene.

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