Hello Mr. Edmond Mulet, I appreciated your comment about the...

Gauthier Saintilus - December 3 2010, 8:47 PM

Hello Mr. Edmond Mulet,

I appreciated your comment about the Presidential Elections in Haiti.

What attracts my attention the most is that you said,"He who has the gold makes the rules" I am agreed with you.

I made prediction about this presidential election many times with diverses top[iocs.

Those so called politicians diod not listen to me. They keep doing things backward based on they old fashion of leadership.

As a result, Haiti depends on foreign power to make decision for the country.

as far as I am concerned, I am the Inspired Leader anointed by Jehovah to free at last Haiti!! I believed that"He who creates the univers makes the rules"! What do you think?

Answer me. Thank you. God leads and bless Haiti!


Gauthier Saintilus

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MR saintilus bravo for you my brother Let them Know...

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