Mulet is actually saying: It is Haiti's problem, fix it or...

Guy Comeau - December 3 2010, 5:02 PM

Mulet is actually saying: It is Haiti's problem, fix it or else. The international community smells a political scandal coming its way and U.N. want to vent it toward Haiti's doorsteps.

U.N. don't want to take credit for it.
Mulet announced the decision in public, he is undoubtedly talking on behalf of U.N.
Was foreign aid contingent upon swift and smooth elections?

How can the international community pulled out for precisely what they came to help Haiti with: Fair and Free Elections - Backbone of Democracy?

The voice of the Haitian people should (shall?) be respected.

International community, if they mean business, should stand up with the Haitian people to rectify the elections with new council so that justice could prevailed, provided substantiated proof was given as electoral fraud.

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Well I don't think this is a treat. He is looking at...

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