sweet micky, may be the president by error

Guy Comeau - December 1 2010, 10:00 PM

Popular voices tend to indicate that Sweet Micky could be the selected president.

If rumors have it correct, the fraudulent election meant to benefit Jude Celestin but due to the glaringly blatant mistakes voiced by the Haitian people in-country and abroad and mainstream media again in-country and abroad unanimously pointed to the criminally insane Haitian government and the U.N. hypocritical concerns over Haiti...

The disenfranchised Haitian masses did not get their wishes and their livelihood taken seriously.

The masses in turn mocked their own government and self-served opportunists by voting Sweet Micky.

At least the masses can identify with Micky's drinking, womanizing, or even drugging...They certainly can laugh about his choice of vocabulary.

I ALMOST wished that Jude Celestin won the presidency.

At least he proves that he is a fighter...

Rene Preval: Shame on you!!
U.N.: Shame on You !!
William Jefferson Clinton: I am deeply disappointed in you; I expected better.

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