I can't believe that you are getting an advanced degree in...

Guy Comeau - November 30 2010, 8:07 PM

I can't believe that you are getting an advanced degree in Politics and your analytical skills is so bias...to say the least.

Were Manigat, Alexis, Bijoux were teaching you their own style of leadership?

or were they following existing ones?

In any events, I am with you on this one, they may be good teachers but I don't think they would make good leaders.

However, you took a very familiar road with Baker, the very same old argument that he opposed minimum wage. If you are studying politics, then you must know at times, it is preferable to freeze minimum wage so that everybody can KEEP A JOB. Istead of cutting back in order to ELEVATE minimum wage. It a question of simple economics.

Countries and Corporations face with this dilemma every day. The humanitarian ones keep salary the same and also keep everybody on board.

The heartless ones RAISED salary, cut back on their fringe benefits and kick the workers asses to produce MORE. If the workers rebelled, well they can always be replaced with the unemployed ones.
Is this the fairness that you are referring to?

As far as Sweet Micky goes, Let's hope that the is NOT the elected one; unless you want to see a resurgence in dictatorial- style -leadership back in Haiti.

This time the international community will own us for real. Fidel Castro will not be around to act as a buffer.

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My dear friend, now am writing u this, am attending...

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