It is your opinion, and I always respect freedom of speech...

Josy - November 27 2010, 4:22 PM

It is your opinion, and I always respect freedom of speech.

The USA wants Mrs. Manigat, and whether we like it or not America is in charge of the entire world.

She has been endorsed by many major newspapers here, and it is not really about our opinions.

There is a possibility she might be the next president in Haiti, and my main motive is to see the sufferings come to an permanent end. I have been living overseas for the past 36 years, and chose to spend the rest of my life in America.

It is a free country, and here I can have an opinion.

I do not have all the details about Haitian's politics, and am too busy working to survive here. I like Mrs. Manigat for several reasons, and not because I am on her payroll.

I came from a family who believed in working hard, and we were never involved in any mess back home. She is mature, female, educated, and will probably feel for the Haitians who are in agony for a very long time. I am not defending her, and I will still have to work whether she becomes president or not. We have a bunch of Haitians living in the diaspora very comfortably after they stole the country's money, and others are on the politicians' payrolls.

I am not, and was simply giving my opinion.

WESNER APPOLLON took my father to the bank with a gun, and made him withdraw all the cash from his account.

He took my dad's entire life savings, and as a result I had to bring him here to spend his last days. His children are ripping the benefits of stolen money, and are living up North in their mansions.

My father never talked about the incident, or pronounce his name and I found out from other family members who were present during the "armed robbery".

I am not worried about anything, because JESUS CHRIST is on his way back and the party is almost over for the crooks.

READ THE GOSPEL OF LUKE - Chapter 21 29-33, and 34-36. My family left me no ill-gotten wealth, and I am always going to be struggling for survival.

The Haitian's mentality will have to change first, and some are waiting for their friends or relatives to hold positions so they can go back to steal from the poor. GOD is not sleeping, and every good thing must come to an end. I am only interested in GOD's mercy for me, and my children.

I want a small place with my parents, grandparents, children, and other relatives in the world to come.
Have a Blessed Day!

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