Mrs. Manigat I wish you the best of luck! here are some...

Jenko Daniel - November 24 2010, 1:29 AM

Mrs. Manigat I wish you the best of luck! here are some suggestions for a better future for Haiti please do not hesitate to amend the Haitian constitution to incorporate dual citizenship.

Haiti is overpopulated.

No more than two children per family.

English must be taught in elementary school.

Increase the number of security personnel to 10000.Ask the multinational force to depart.

Reinforce the legal system to protect minors and women.

Have one curriculum for the entire nation.

Electricity should be number one on your agenda.

Do not make any empty promises.

Keep the population inform.

Capital punishment for kidnappers.

Stop foreign countries from sending criminals back to Haiti.

Department of education, health, finance, commerce and justice would be better served by women.

Please do not deceive the haves-not. You will be praised and appraised.

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