This is what i am trying to mention from day one to everybody...

Max Mills - November 23 2010, 8:23 PM

This is what i am trying to mention from day one to everybody.

Anybody who has a bad reputation can't be my president whoever you are.No matter if it is Sweet Micki, Jude or else as long you are crook you will still be a crook.Did you hear what these guys say, as long you pay them they will give you a vote.They do not care who is the person, your intellectual background as long you have the cash you are good to go.Just imagine what type of crowd is this, not mine not yours neither, the new generation who were born after the Duvalier that crowd that you take care to nurture, to send to school to become somebody tomorrow, to stand up tall and learn to look into a man eyes, never back up no matter what never allow any body crush your spirit, never give up be loyal to your country, respect your fellows, your leaders never do drugs.

Do we need our children to be ruled by crooks.

Is time for the well educated people to stand and say no to craps, no those parvenues who want to take shortcuts to reach the palace.

Spending a few gourdes today is nothing to what they are going to take back tomorrow.

Waste of time.

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