Charles Henry Baker, pou mwen se sel solisyon pou Haiti...

Jb - November 23 2010, 12:12 PM

Charles Henry Baker, pou mwen se sel solisyon pou Haiti.

Haitians have always have issues with la bougoisie in Haiti.

I don't undersatand why?

That's exactly why Haiti can and will never progress.

The mass population need to start trusting "la class Bougoisie," and learn to work together.

What can the mass population do for Haiti?

Can poor people invest in an economie of a country without the rich?

Tell me one black or African country that you know of is rich or doing well for themselves?

The answer is O. The only African coutry that is doing well is South Africa and that is because they have a mix population ( White and Balck Mulatoes and Others leaving in peace and Harmony).

Look what is going in Zimbabwe, the country was progressing very well until President Mugabee started killing and seizing the land of the rich to give to the poor. Look at them now, back to the porverty and the land are beng wasted.

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