RE: Presidential Candidates Haiti 2010

Nathalie Baptiste - November 21 2010, 11:52 PM

Correction:let's talk about Haitian Politics and Haiti Election"2010"not 2001 as stated above.

Everyone wants a run for the grab bag which is too heavy to carry and will be toss away soon enough by the non true Patriot, except for Michel Martelly whom i believe will follow a path and redirect this nation to the way "We Were"

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Marcy Paul says...

Dream on brother, the only thing you will get from Michel Martelly will be prostitution, drugs and compas songs with sexual innuendos. If that is... more »

Nathalie Baptiste says...

Fill me in with your views on what we all will get from the others; may be that will stir me towards the bright light; which is the vision we should... more »